Excel for beginners

Excel for beginners
Beginners Excel course. Learn and upgrade your excel Skills to the next level
Excel for beginners

what you will learn
Students after completing the course students understand the basic concepts on how to use excel and work with functions and pivot tables

Microsoft Excel
Passion to Learn

This course is designed for beginners. You dont need to have prior knowledge on Excel to enroll.

you will understand the basic interface in excel

Learn excel functions like left, right, vlookup, Count, if, nested if statements and some other Functions.

Learn Conditional Formatting and learn to create pivot tables.

I will continue to upload more videos when they are available.

During the course if you need any help you can always post your question and I will clarify your doubts.

who is the target audience?
This course is designed for absolute beginners. No prior experience is required
I will explain the basic interface and then take you though through different excel functions
Contenu du cours
D 17 sessions 01:19:15

Introduction  01:19:15
Excel Basics - part 1                               02:21
Excel Basics - part -2                              03:18
Excel Basics - part -3                              04:10
Excel Functions - Concatenate                 05:32
Excel Functions - Upper and Lower           02:04
Excel Functions -Trim and Proper             02:46
Excel Functions - Left and Find                 07:24
Excel Functions - Right with Len and Find  06:04
Excel Functions - Sum and Sumif              04:55
Excel Functions - Count, CountA, CountBlank, Countif and Count ifs                                          04:56
Excel Functions - Vlookup                        06:44
Excel Functions -If statement                   05:50
Excel Functions - If statement with more than 1 condition                                                03:28
Excel Functions -nested if                        03:19
Excel -Conditional Formatting                  05:53
Excel - Pivot Table                                  07:01
Excel - Pivot Chart                                  03:30

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