Personal Growth : A Personal 35 Day Life Transformation

Personal Growth : A Personal 35 Day Life Transformation
Life Transformation & Personal Growth : Mindfulness Techniques : Life Goals : Affirmations, Personal Accountability
Personal Growth

What you'll learn

Reboot your life if taken seriously
After 35 days you will begin to see positive results in your life based on your new personal affirmations
Cultivate Discipline, Focus, and Personal Accountability to achieve your life goals
Learn Mindfulness Techniques that help to find Joy, Peace, and Happiness
Find deeper meaning and connection in your life and those you interact with


60 minutes a day for a minimum of 5 days a week
Small Journal / Notebook for documenting your progress and end of week essay
Pens and markers
2x - Spiral bound 3x5 flash cards
A small pocket mirror
Vision Board Book
Pocket guide to the Power of Positive Thinking


Life Transformation : From Ambiguity to a Life of Direction & Purpose - The Keys To Personal Growth

Thank you for making a decision to change your life for the better - good job! :)

This course has been designed from working with personal coaching clients. I have seen first hand their personal struggles, challenges, and desires to create a better life for themselves. For myself, I have been down similar and dissimilar roads and experienced many angles of life. My desire is to share and to teach a perspective to better understand and to navigate life's chaos and our world. We often feel confused, directionless, and lacking motivation - If this is you then you are in the right place! :)

I desire to help you move into your own personal power and to have you see your own inner greatness by taking action.

At the end of this course you will have the tools to:

1.) Build a firm foundation of good habits

2.) Learn the basics of quieting the mind through Meditation

3.) Cultivate Discipline, Focus, and Personal Accountability

I believe that success in life, for either personal, business, or both, is built off of fundamentals.

I've come to identify these top THREE:

1.) Implementing strong positive Habits which are the GGAQ's:

Setting Goals

Practicing being Grateful

Affirming yourself &

Asking Questions of your sub-conscious

2.) Build a daily practice of Meditation - Mindfulness Techniques

Learn to cultivate this essential tool of quieting the mind

Learn to listen to your own inner wisdom and direction for life

Gain clarity, focus, and inner stillness

3.) Accountability to yourself and to others

Writing down your GGAQ's and posting them to the group's page

Committing to this class fully

And to make a concerted effort to do your very best

Personal Affirmations and Life Goals

It's one thing to "want" change and it's another to actually take action steps towards the change!

Again you will be adding new tools to your tool box and then learning how to use these most importantly. You will complete a thirty day reboot of your life by seeking to reorient your mindset to one that helps you move forward in your own personal power. You will walk away with a renewed sense of meaning, direction, and purpose for your life!

That's what this course is all about, having you take actionable steps towards the future you desire and actually begin seeing positive results in your life. All of these steps WORK if you stay dedicated, focused, and choose to have it work for you. You have to be open and willing to change and take the necessary steps for that to happen.

Personal Transformation Is Within Your Grasp

You have the inner greatness and I see it - seek to take this next step in your life and take ACTION TODAY by registering for this class!

Disclaimer: It will be difficult and you will fail - however this process is about getting back up and choosing to be better then you where yesterday and to recommit to the process of self mastery.

100% 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Sounds cliche, however I know if you commit wholly you will admit that your life has changed just by going through this 30 day class that is designed to help you see who you really are - a powerful person far beyond their wildest dreams! I'm confident enough in you and this class to offer the guarantee!

Namaste :)

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Who is the target audience?

This course is open to anyone who desires to increase their own personal power and achieve personal transfornmation!
Beginner to Expert
Anyone willing to take practical step towards Personal Growth

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