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    Deep Learning, Transfer Learning and Turtles

    Deep Learning, Transfer Learning and Turtles
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles + Koopa Troopas + Python + Machine Learning = AWESOME

    course content
    Développer 10 sessions  35:45

    Introduction 35:46
    Introduction 02:15
    Online materials for this course  00:07
    Getting your Meeshkan API Key  02:40
    Joining the Meeshkan Community on Slack  02:36
    Setting up your virtual environment   03:00
    Gathering your image data   04:14
    Preprocessing your image data  03:47
    Training using transfer learning  10:27
    Meeshkan CLI        02:17
    Predictions with REAL turtles!   04:23

    Basic familiarity with machine learning
    Basic familiarity with python

    In this course, we will use transfer learning and Meeshkan to teach a machine to tell the difference between Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Koopa Troopas with over 95% accuracy.  We will then apply this turtle-detector to real turtle images in order to classify if the real turtles look more like TMNTs or Koopa Troopas.  You'll be amazed by the results!

    who is the target audience ?
    Beginner python developers curious about transfer learning
    Users of Slack

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