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    Positive Parenting Skills Building Course

    Positive Parenting Skills Building Course
    5 Days to a better relationship with your child

    what you will learn
    Add new skills to your child's problem-solving toolkit
    Teach your child about emotional regulation

    Only a pen and paper are required for this course

    On this journey you will learn how to parent your children in a positive atmosphere and give them a leg up in big world of mental health.  Parents don't have it easy and I'm here to give you a leg up.  In this fun 5 day challenge you'll spend 15 minutes per day bonding with your child and improving your relationship.  This is designed for parents of any age and children 2.5 to 12 years old. 

    In this course you will:

    Learn how to interact with  your child to increase their problem-solving skills and imagination.

    Introduce them into the world of emotions

    Obtain activities you and your child(ren) can both benefit from! 

    Parenting techniques are hard to implement sometimes.  I have designed this course to be easy to learn and be fun for both your and your child.  We work through the framework that children have culture and need play to learn problem-solving skills and have positive pro-social experiences. 

    I've included a parenting planner and journal for your to use to document your experiences as a parent. 

    who is the target audience?
    Parents of children ages 2.5 to 12
    Anybody who wants to add to their parenting toolkit

    course content
    Développer tout 17 sessions 36:38

    Introduction                16:25
    Introduction                02:08
    Basic Needs We All Have     04:24
    3, 6, 9 Tech Rules          02:34
    Culture of Childhood        03:13
    Children's Themes of Play   02:36
    Themes in Children's Play Article  01:30
    5 Day Parenting Challenge 6 sessions  10:59
    Activities Introduction 4 sessions   09:09
    Bonus Lectures 1 session    00:08

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